Meadeux is an online store offering a wide variety of women’s swimwear and fashion apparel to customers from all over the world. The venture was founded by Asyia Moore, a fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur originating from Hermosa Beach, California. 

With her special skills and a keen interest in the fashion industry, Asyia wants to make Meadeux one of the best affordable beach boutiques and swimwear stores. She offers the highest quality products from various top designers and brands at competitive prices. 

The company has a mission of helping women look beautiful and fashionable without compromising on comfort and quality. Our team strives to make each purchasing experience positive with the best customer service, fast order processing, and same day local delivery.

If you are looking for a hassle-free shopping experience with enhanced customer satisfaction then we are the shop for you! Browse through our wide variety of swimwear and apparel today!